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Commission us

At Wigg and Owen we let our imagination go and design what we consider to be inspiring and unique pieces.  We put our "all" into the pieces and appreciate the amazement and incredulity the finished pieces receive.  It encourages us to continue delivering outstanding center-pieces for all our clients.


We also delight in working with our clients and love listening to the ideas our clients have and discussing how we can translate them into a finished piece.  It often requires a great deal of searching for the right material and then a significant effort transforming the material into our clients imaginings.


We respect our clients privacy and all our dealings are strictly confidential.  The initial consultation is very important, at this stage we can establish our relationship and understand the concept our client desires.  We are happy to travel and meet our clients on site - often this is most appropriate as it allows us to visualise a finished piece in situ.


From corporate furniture to private pieces we welcome all enquiries.


For more information on Wigg and Owen Aviation furniture design click here or if you would like to explore the possibility of commissioning a piece or purchasing one of our own designs please do feel free to contact us